Metallized Film Capacitor Automatic Winding Machine

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:RDAW-178-52D/ RDAW-178-62D/RDAW-179-52D/RDAW-179L-

RDAW-178-52D、 RDAW-178-62D、RDAW-179-52D、RDAW-179L-52D、RDAW-179L-82D
﹡ The machine adopts PLC and touch panel system for easy operation and maintenance.
Also, the setting parameter can be saved in HMI.
﹡ The machine adopts 3-shafts type winding independently controlled by 3 AC servo motors for inner film winding, main winding and cover film winding.
﹡ Adopt the electric control air pressure for pressure roller and tension. The core will be fed automatically.
﹡ With cover film and pre-press device.
﹡ 26~52mm(62mm)。
﹡ The element diameter is 20-60 mm (70 mm) and mandrel size from 6-30 mm (40 mm) and 26-52 mm (62 mm) for double winding width. The detailed specifications are referred and based on catalogue.